What the-?

Welcome to Conline, it’s trying to be a convention, except online. So you’ve got your shows and panels and activities, but moved into a digital format. What that pretty much translates as is a day planner with links to activity, panel and show pages. Those pages might have playlists for shows, or resources you can download for an activity, or just a streaming video for a panel - almost all will have some way to connect to other people currently at that event so the con can be experienced with other people.

How do I make an account?

Go to and you’ll be able to use FB, Google or Twitter to create an account. It’s both peachy and keen to create a burner twitter or gmail for that purpose - as the login page says, words cannot express how much your personal details aren’t wanted on here.

Why can’t I just have a username and password?

It’s on the list, but time hasn’t allowed for that yet - watch this space. 

How do I change my display name, email and timezone?

Once you’ve logged in, you can go to and update your details - these will be used across all the conventions you join.

What’s the stack, can I fork?

It’s Python/Django in the back with bootstrap / jQuery doing their thing up front. The plan is to get it to a stable point, figure out the best license and then stick it on a git repo, where people can fork and collaborate. Watch this space!