Attending a convention

How do I become a member of a convention?

You need to have a Conline account and sign in, so go do that if you’ve not already. Then go to the convention page you want to join (e.g. You’ll see a ‘Join’ link on the top right navigation - click it. You’re joined! 

That’s not the same as registering to attend a specific instance, see below for that.

How do I register to attend a convention?

First, you need to be a member, so follow the step above for that. Afterwards, it depends on the convention itself: it may not require registration at all. If it does, though, check out the "Dates & deadlines" link in their top navigation, which will tell you when registrations open and close. When registrations are open, you'll see there's a "Registration" link in their top navigaton and that's where you can go do whatever is needful according to the convention's settings.

How do I know what time it is for the convention?

Right up at the top of all the pages you'll find the convention name, probably logo, and the days it's running. You'll also see a clock icon and a time next to it - that's convention local time and regardless of what settings you're using for time zone, that stays constant.

How does scheduling work across different timezones?

So glad you asked.

Conventions can be attended live, on replay, or on demand.


When the schedule times are relative to the convention's local time.

If you want to attend live, you don't need to do anything except be at the various events at the time the clock at the top of the page says. You don't need to adjust your timezone if it's not the same as the convention's, or anything like that. Show up, have fun!

If your timezone isn't the same as the convention's, you can click the times on the shedule and see when the given time actually is for you.


When the schedule times are relative to your local time.

So if a vid show says it starts at 10am, that's 10am your time and if you don't get there until 10:15, that show will be be 15 minutes along. The live version might actually have been 5 hours earlier, but you (and anyone else with the same timezone as you) will be watching as if it were live.

To use this, you can go to the convention schedule and click Switch to replay if your timezone is after convention local time.

The schedule won't look much different, though you should see the time in the blue box directly above the schedule change from con time to your own, but now when you load an event, if it's able to show content appropriate to that time, it will.


When the convention is finished, the events will stop attempting to time sync and you'll be able to skip vids in vid shows, and so on. Events that are open to all post convention will become available even to those not registered. Conversely, some items may disappear if the creators specified they only wanted to make them available for the duration of the convention.

How can I stream shows and panels to my TV?

We recommend members access the con via web browser, and if you prefer it on your TV please use whatever mirroring options are appropriate for your devices (e.g. AirPlay for Apple TV, something like videostream for Chromecast, etc.)