What is the dashboard?

The dashboard is where, if you're a member of the con, you can manage your events and other con-speciifc bits and bobs for the current convention. It's also where, if you're an administrator (staff or owner), you can manage the various dates, events, registrations: all that good stuff.

Where is the dashboard?

Once logged in and within the scope of a given convention (e.g., https://your-con.conline.club/) you'll see your display name on the top right of the top navigation bar. Click on it and you'll see a link for Your Con Dashboard - click that and you're set. Once on the dashboard, click the Your Con Administration tab in the make content area and you'll see all the options available.


Current or upcoming

The plus sign links to an area to create a new instance of a convention. The list under it contains quick links to the currently active instance and upcoming instances. If you have more than one instance, you'll also see a View All link to take you to a list of all instances associated with the convention.


The cog icon links to the full list of users who have an account with your convention. It's not specific to an instance and you can edit their access and permissions within your convention only. 


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


This is an overview of the convention's current status, some of which is dependent on multiple settings. A green background signifies all actions have been completed in that area, while orange indicates action may still be needed.


This signifies whether a convention has completed all the actions needed to run, and is set to active. In order to have a green active status, the convention must be active and have terms and conditions.


Although not required, you can upload a logo for your convention. You can also upload a logo per instance.


General convention information, including name, description, country and timezone.

Social network

Use this area to link to the convention's social platforms.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions users must abide by to register with the convention. These must be provided.